NSU winter symposium, 2-4 February 2018

We propose a reading of the collectively written multilingual text Replay Omspelning Uusintaotto Repetición. We are interested in discussing which kind of tactics, forms and strategies political art can uncover today in the public spaces of everyday.

2-4 February 2018 University of Copenhagen.

”Aesthetics and Politics in the Everyday”

by Hami Bahadori, Minna Heikinaho and Lena Séraphin representing the collaborative art writing project REPLAY

We propose a reading of the collectively written multilingual text Replay Omspelning Uusintaotto Repetición. We are interested in discussing which kind of tactics, forms and strategies political art can uncover today in the public spaces of everyday.

“Replay-Omspelning-Uusintaotto-Repetición aims at giving shape to a public space using words. Nine artists were brought together in Ekenäs, Finland, for three days in August, 2017, to make notes at the town square, the “Rådhustorget”. These notes have subsequently been compiled into a kind of index of the square. Our notes are paralleled so that they follow a common time scale, instead of being presented one after the other. The nine individual sets of notes are interwoven into a text so that events that played out at the same point in time are next to each other.

The authors are Ulrika Gomm, Hami Bahadori, Moa Franzén, Minna Heikinaho, Behzad Khosravi Noori, Joanne Lee, Jaime Mena de Torres, Pia Sandström and Lena Séraphin. Replay is a reflective text that is more about empathy and bearing witness than about making judgements. Writing on the Rådhustorget prompted questions as well as concerns. The square was a fragment that filled our field of vision, but it was equally a reminder of everything that does not happen there and, above all, of everyone who does not go across it.

Replay is inspired by Georges Perec and his experimental book Tentative d’épuisement d’un lieu parisien, or An Attempt at Exhausting a Place in Paris. Perec observed Place Saint-Sulpice in October 1974.”


Minna Heikinaho: “I am interested in re-liberating authorship and I see that collective reading and writing can make it happen.”

Minna Heikinaho: “Collective authorship is shared and refers to collectively produced content, when the content serves as a starting point for authorship. The content of an action cannot be owned, nor can we set a price tag on it. It cannot be objectified, it eludes the mechanisms of the market economy, it states its own stand and commits to shared principles. As collective authorship is shared, we face a content, a socially critical and reflexive act, experienced and lived in the present moment. It is political.”

Hami Bahadori: “I am interested in the spatial aspect of collective projects where different geographic memories and subjectivities collide, it produces new perspectives and collective understandings of various knowledges and histories.”

Lena Séraphin: “I am interested in experimenting with collaborative art writing and to look at how a collective reading of a text both conveys and alters its content.”


Minna Heikinaho is a visual artist and researcher.
She investigates different factors that contribute to the formation of agency in community art, and that may alter, spread or re-liberate agency. Heikinaho is doing her artistic research at the Academy of Fine Arts, Uniarts Helsinki, and in the ArtsEqual research group based by Cupore.

Lena Séraphin, b. 1962, is a visual artist based in Helsinki. Her practice consists of collaborative art writing and visual works that place emphasis on display as a dramaturgic event. She holds a Master of Arts in Fine Art from Goldsmiths’ College, University of London and a Doctor of Arts from Aalto University School of Arts, Design and Architecture.

Hami Bahadori is an artist, activist, organizer and curator based in Helsinki. His art practice, challenges the pre-existing memory of a place and questions, ‘who’ is viewing the artwork in a particular space. He makes site-specific and time-based works, and uses video, language, sound and digital-media to play with the sense of distant. He has studied and lived in Iran, Turkey, Italy, United States and Finland. He is the co-founder of artist collective “This Might Not Work” and responsible for curating and co-organizing “Red May”, (a month-long radical festival happening in public spaces), as well as “Stop Deportation” festival during April 2017, in collaboration with Jo Kjaergaard and “Right to Live” group. Currently, he is the co- organizer of an autonomous reading group for artists and activists.


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Artistic references:

Heikinaho, Minna. http://www.saasanoa.com/ and Ruumiillisia harjoitteita -production (2013–)

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